About Nana

Hey, my name is Nana, and I'm the cake baker and decorator.


The first cake I remember making was at around 8 years old, my mother was the baker then, she would bake bread as well as cakes and tarts, she would even make the occasional jam now and then. My mother taught me how to make a cake recipe we found in France, using flour, eggs, sugar, oil and yogurt. The cake was quite heavy but tasted really nice, after about three attempts with mum I pretty much had mastered all the measurements, so I pulled together everything I needed and baked almost everyday.


When I was around 10 -11years old I ran out of yogurt while making a cake, my mother suggested I use milk, it made the mixture much runnier than normal and that worried me, but when it came out of the oven it was moist and light and fluffy, I stopped using yogurt in my cakes from then.


After my 16th birthday, I got a call from my Aunty asking to make a cake for her friends baptism, my first sale!

The challenge of making the cake made it more exciting to see what it would look like when I was finished, after getting so much positive feedback and a little push from my family, my brother and I decided to make it a profession.

Nana demonstrating

About Bokot

Nana and Bokot

Hello, my name is Bokot , I do everything my sister doesn't do.


I'm a teenager who has started a business with my younger sister, the business that we have made is a cake company called LaNana, making cupcakes, wedding cakes and everything in between!! The reason why we wanted to create our own business is because of our parents, they have inspired my sister and I, by having and running their own business and also the fact that you are your own boss.                                                                       

I and my sister love baking cakes, even at a young age every time we had an opportunity to make a cake we were in the kitchen with our aprons on!                    

ABOUT MY LIFE                                                                        

I am educated at my home with my two brothers and sister.


I also love sports, swimming, tennis, athletics and especially football. This love for sports has also lead me to join the family business and work as a football coach with my Father, teaching pre-schoolers and primary school children how to play football.


From time to time we travel to France and have been fortunate enough to visit Congo (a country in Africa) and experienced different life styles.

From some Customers 

The cake that you made for my twins was Boom.


Thank you for making my dautgher's cake she loved it.

She didnt even know that it was vegan until I told her. Thank you LaNana.



That cake was fabilicous!!!!!!